are we?

The idea for tablepay came about several years ago at the time when payment technology was being introduced to cafes and restaurants to help reduce credit card fraud. And yet we noticed that all this technology was actually getting in the way of good service - reducing your staff's incentive to provide it.


Our mission at tablepay is to help restaurants and cafes like yours to realise the true potential of self-service payment by bringing it right to the table. We'll help you reduce costly (reputation-damaging) billing fraud and errors, increase your table turnover, and enhance customer service by freeing your staff from time-consuming bill discussions and manipulations.


To achieve our vision, we've partnered with one of Australia's leading banks to fill a gap in the restaurant industry with a practical, low-cost solution to one of your most pressing problems. When your customers have the bill in their hands and a secure way to pay, you can let them split the bill and pay at their leisure, all with no help from your busy staff.

ready to free up your staff and improve your service?

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