what is tablepay?

put great customer service back on the table

Designed to enhance their dining experience, tablepay is a handheld payment solution that walks your customer through paying their bill, while freeing your servers to circulate and meet the needs of all their tables.

table service just got smarter

The tablepay device puts the customer back in control of their bill, making them happier, freeing up your staff and helping to grow your business.


  • Your customers can pay when they're ready

  • Customers can split the bill any way they choose

  • Encourage tipping to keep your staff happy

  • Collect reviews at the table

  • Customise tablepay to reflect your branding

  • Collect insights that will bring customers back


Better service is what fine dining is all about. tablepay frees your staff to provide the highest level of service by reducing common delays...and makes your diners happier in the process.

tablepay compendium

"Tablepay simplifies the payment process for you and your customers. This means you can focus on providing a great dining experience every single time."

Angelo Alateras, C.E.O.

tablepay makes it easy to keep your customers happy

service that's ready when they are

When dinner is over, the coffee is cold and the night is drawing to a close, it's a universal truth that the server is generally nowhere to be found. The tablepay system puts the bill at the table whenever the customers are ready. Your customers won't even have to wait for a receipt as tablepay can email it on the spot.

split the bill any way they choose

Nothing frustrates a dinner party more than being told 'no split bills'. But tablepay prompts your customers to sort it out as they wish, and pay it easily, leaving your server to, well, serve. You'll have fewer mistakes and fewer complaints when customers have all the information at their disposal. And your servers can meet the needs of all their customers - not just a demanding few.

tablepay helps you to grow your business

enhance your brand

You've worked hard to establish the look and feel of your restaurant, and tablepay understands. We'll customise your on-table units to your branding. Your patrons will see a display that perfectly blends with your ambiance and aesthetics. In addition, our system will work alongside your existing POS, bank and merchant pay solution for a seamless Plug-&-Play experience at your end.

get reviews out at the table

Feedback from customers is invaluable. Honest reviews details your strengths and weaknesses, and encourage diners to really think about what they liked most. The tablepay system gives you the option to offer a review system right at the table, while the experience is still fresh in their minds. Good or bad, their impressions and thoughts will benefit your restaurant, especially when you see the patterns emerge.

amplify your marketing efforts

Your tablepay will allow you to invite diners to continue their dining experience by joining your mailing list for exclusive offers, events and specials. With insights that include their dining history and an email address, you can tailor your marketing efforts to offer the precise temptation guaranteed to bring them back.

tablepay helps you to retain your best performing staff

table the rewards

The tablepay system does the math for your customers, recommending a percentage of their bill for a tip. Your team will be better paid and happier, which means it will be easier for you to retain key, well-performing staff.

ready to free up your staff and improve your service?

Get in touch and we will come to your restaurant and show you how the tablepay system can work for you.